We have extended our product portofolio with "value for money" sensors from OPKON. Their linear potentiometric and magnetic position sensors, rotary incremental magnetic and optic encoders as well as displays find application in sheetmetal-, woodworking-, textile-, plastic injection machines etc...

Info: www.opkon.com.tr
 13/03/09    We are exhibiting at the MOCON show which will take place in 's Hertogenbosch next 8th and 9th april. As usual we will present a number of new innovative products like voice-coil and piezo actuators, miniature linear piezomotors, linear motors and slides, and the last "state of the art" stepping- and servosystems.
We will be glad to meet you.

 HAEHNE is a German specialist of bandtraction control. Its productrange consist of cylindrical radial tractionforce sensors, pillow-bloc horizontal or vertical force senors, cylindrical axial compression or traction sensors, portable force measuring gauge, analog and digital amplifiers, fieldbus amplifiers (ProfiBus and DeviceNet).
These products needs a professional support at selection as well as installation time. Hence it correspond completely to our own phylosophy of offering a knowledgeable advice and a good implementation support.

CEDRAT a french technology group, has specialized itself in the development of actuators en mechanisms based on piezo cells. The multilayer structure and the patented housings which gives a mechanical amplification of the stroke as well as a preload of the piezo results in exceptional characteristics of these actuators: forces up till 7000N, strokes of  maximum 1 mm and resonant frequencies up till 32500 Hz. They are applicable in as well in quasi-static as also dynamic applications.
We are proud that Cedrat has choosen us to distribute this "state of the art" technic in the Benelux.


 Linear ultrasonic actuator

Servotronic is increasing his product portofolio of miniature actuators with a range of linear ultrasonic actuators from New Scale Technologies Inc. The SQUIGGLE actuator is used in nanopositionning, scanning, auto-focus camera's in GSM's, medical and industrial endoscopy, medical injection systems both portable and implantable, microfluidic pumps, locking mechanisms and doorlocks.
To make it fully applicable in different industries special versions for cryogenic-, ultra high vacuum-, and non magnetic applications are available.

nfo: http://www.newscaletechnology.com

 The company Densitron has sold its division"Electro_Mechanical components" through an MBO to its former divisional manager. A new company was founded: GEEPLUS. The product range and the services remains unchanged.

More information can be found at: http://www.geeplus.biz


 NPM (Nippon Pulse Motor) has appointed us as their distributor in the Benelux market. Aside from our large range of hybrid stepping motors from Sanyo Denki, we can now also offer PM tin-can stepping motors combined with gearbox or built-in spindle for linear moves. NPM is also well known for their chipsets for motion control, including drivers, controllers and Fieldbus (MotionNet) chips.

Info: http://www.npm.co.jp

 The French Company DELTA, well known for their rugged and dependable sensors for the steel mills has recently bought QUALIMATRIX Inc. With this add-on, we can now offer HMD with fiber optics which can be placed below the pass-line and a crop-vision system for optimalisation of the crop shear.